To achieve the mission I examined my lives exhaustively with introspection, reality-testing, and with retrospection.  The Ayn-Randesque philosophy of me-first, the amassing of wealth for the sake of self-aggrandizement and power, was excised from NuevaLight Enterprises a long, long time ago. The Ayn Rand philosophy has brought the world to the brink of self-annihilation.  To paraphrase Dale Carnegie, s/he who dies with the most toys dies disgraced.  By doing so cyclically, I may yet fully complete a number of goals both for me and you.  To:

  • Clearly understand my past failures, challenges, and achievements in a wholistic manner;
  • Viscerally and unconditionally accept those findings;
  • Unconditionally learning to forgive others;
  • Continuously learn to forgive myselves;
  • Learn to fully appreciate the present moment.

Through the cyclical process of these goals, I learned to help people to learn to create their own process for a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyles based on engendering peace, fighting injustice, and learning to live in the moment with full knowledge of past missteps and future planning based on concrete reality-testing.

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