DR. W. Azul La Luz: Artist

NuevaLight Enterprises’ objectives are to provide artistic works – essays, etchings, dialogues, lectures, manuscripts, paintings, poems, and sculptures, that may inspire others to achieve their full potential.
Quantum Bodies Mary Magdalena Dancing

Azul’s art work has been called “Outsider Art” because he is self-taught, and explores personal and archetypal imagery, some quite iconoclastic,  through drawings, painting, and sculptures, in several media.

Please click on link below to see “Azul’s Art Galley.” Thank you.

Artwork by W. Azul La Luz

Self-portrait in Blue – Oil on canvas 24″ x 36″


Modona and Child 3′ X 4′ Acrylic on Canvas


Olga Estel La Luz de Aviles 4′ X 5′ Acrylic on Canvas

Toilet Seat Cover In WallKill Prison: Broken Peace.  Oil on Particle Board

Young Man ScreamingChanging moods


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